Captain Alexander Campbell Citation

Captain Alexander Campbell was part of the Scottish Campbell family famous for building steamships and paddlesteamers. Alexander captained many of these ships including those that sailed in the Bristol Channel. In 1891 the passengers wanted to acknowledge Alexander and had this beautiful gilded citation created and presented to him. It sat for many years in the basement of the Pier Tollhouse but was retrieved by the archive team and stored safely until the opportunity arose to have the item conserved and brought back to life again. The citation was covered in mould, the gilding was gone and the frame in a parlous condition including containing the old cases of case bearing clothes larvae. This work was funded by the Campbell family and was undertaken by a local conservator who also volunteers for the Clevedon Pier and Heritage Trust Archive. We are delighted to have this item fully restored and available for public viewing. Below is a close up of the citation showing clearly the four images at each corner of Clifton Suspension Bridge, top left. Birnbeck Pier, Weston super Mare, top right and Lynton and Lynmouth bottom left with the Cliff Railway. Below is a transcription of what the citation reads. A copy of the conservation report is available on request by emailing

Transcription of gilded citation


Captain Alexander Campbell

Dear Sir

At the close of the season 1891, a number of Season Ticket Holders and other Passengers by the Ravenswood and Waverly were desirous of presenting you with some slight token of their appreciation of the care, skill and courtesy with which you have conducted the Passenger Traffic and the Bristol Channel.

Feeling that great credit is due to you and your brother Captain Peter Campbell for the enterprise you have displayed in providing Bristol with such an excellent service of Steamers. We on behalf of the Subscribers ask your acceptance of the accompanying Diamond Scarf Ring and Stud, Marine Glass and Davenport, at the same time assuring you of their continued confidence and esteem and thanking you for the consideration which you have all times shown for the comfort and enjoyment of the passengers using your boats.

Signed on behalf of the Subscribers

John Northhaw?, W H Blinkhorn, J W Lane, M Levy, Henry William Ridgway

By Clevedon Pier Archive

Stories that tell the history and heritage of Clevedon Pier and town using the collections held in the Clevedon Pier and Heritage Trust Archive

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