Resume and personal reflections of Austin Davis

Thanks to Jane Lilly and the Clevedon Civic Society History Group the Archive is slowly gaining a complete collection of the CCS publications. Covid-19 rather got in the way but we hope to resume compiling this treasure trove of information about the history and heritage of Clevedon for inclusion in the archive. One example, from 2002, is shared below along with an abstract of an article about Clevedon Pier by Austin Davis.

This publication contains a wonderful article written in 2002 by Austin Davis – shared below – about his memories and personal reflections on the pier. Austin has a long and respected association with Clevedon Pier. He was a founder member of the Pier Supporters Club in 1970 and continued his work until the official 1998 reopening. Two years ago Austin donated his extensive archive of documentation to do with the efforts to raise money and save the pier to the Clevedon Pier and Heritage Trust Archive. It represents a substantive contribution to the Pier’s specialist Business Archive.

Much is owed to Austin Davis to whom we say thankyou.