Bette has been busy trying to keep a weather eye on the archive from afar during the Covid crisis.  Requests for  information about the archive continue to arrive by email and need answering including requests to use images by people publishing books, for historical information about the pier for researchers and providing archival support for another heritage organisation hoping to save a structure in Essex built by George Double who also built the Pier Head and Landing Stage in 1893.   Bette has been liaising with one of the  Pier’s new trustees who has a particular interest in how the archive can be used for education and outreach – once restrictions are lifted – helped by archive volunteer Margaret, who has years of expertise in this activity from her job in a Dorset Museum.   Finally, Bette started an MA in Archival Practice at the University of Plymouth in September and is enjoying expanding her professional archive knowledge as well as gaining expertise from several other archives in the southwest.