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Archive Volunteer Helen

Helen is a professional conservator who has been busy this year undertaking work for various archives and private clients, whilst many heritage projects have been put on hold due to Covid. 

Conservation and Preservation Work Postings……No. 1

Despite her busy schedule, Helen has still found time to enjoy doing some very part-time, voluntary work for the pier archive – her most recent project has involved the slow and difficult task of unfolding and flattening a set of very fragile plans used by the Clevedon Pier Company in 1864 to obtain Department of Trade permissions to build Clevedon Pier and also to get quotations from builders to do the work. This has been an incredibly important task which means these plans can now be digitised. It’s good having someone like Helen on board to be able to do these conservation jobs for us.  The plans are a real digitisation challenge and Helen helped with the preparation of a grant application that has been submitted to try and acquire the funds to have the plans professionally digitised on a large flat bed printer.  Fingers crossed we are successful.  

Watch this space for more information about Helen’s work on preparing the old drawings and what happens next with getting them digitised.

Conservation Work Posting No. 2

By Clevedon Pier Archive

Stories that tell the history and heritage of Clevedon Pier and town using the collections held in the Clevedon Pier and Heritage Trust Archive

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