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The Archive in Lockdown

During the restrictions that Covid has placed upon us all during 2020 the Volunteer Team who run the Clevedon Pier and Heritage Archive have been busy working away quietly on projects and activities to keep the archive work going.  They haven’t been able to go to the archive but have had home-based projects to work on.  As 2020 comes to a close we thought we’d share a little of what everyone has been up to and some of the interesting findings about the Pier’s heritage.  Many of these projects will begin to become public during 2021. Below is a little snippet about each of our five volunteers who have been squirrelling away during Lockdown.

Archive Volunteer Jane
Archive Volunteer Helen
Archive Volunteer Bette
Archive Volunteer Michael
Archive Volunteer Margaret

By Clevedon Pier Archive

Stories that tell the history and heritage of Clevedon Pier and town using the collections held in the Clevedon Pier and Heritage Trust Archive

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