Elsewhere you can read about the work being done to catalogue and record the amazing Scrapbook of ‘all things to do with saving the Pier in the 1970s’ put together by Lady Margaret Elton. This work is being done by Volunteer Jane and you can read more about it on this link.

Jane has been sharing ‘titbits’ of special interest and here is an especially interesting one showing how not everyone loved the Pier and didn’t really think it was worth saving. From the North Somerset Mercury from the 30ths of April 1971. Full transcription on the right…………..

Clevedon Pier

Sir, Stand on that rocky point, just past the bandstand, and look at the pier and the coastline. Now, wipe that ‘iron tracery’ from your sight and see if that coastline is not enhanced.

It’s almost a Cornish fishing village…..almost!