To find out more about the Archive project being undertaking by Volunteer Margaret to transcribe a superb collection of ‘little letters’ – follow this link to find out more.

Here is an example of one of the little letters and its transcription. It is particularly interesting because it is from the ‘Collector’ at the Pier at Weston Super Mare and is addressed to Clevedon Pier Company asking for information about regulations to do with passenger and steamboat traffic.

The Pier, Weston Super Mare, 4th August 1880


I am instructed by the Secretary of the Pier Coy (L.E.Baker Esqe) to ask for information respecting the Parliamentary powers, Bye Laws and general management of your Pier.

This Company proposes applying for a new act of Parliament and will be obliged for any suggestions you can offer respecting Passenger and Steamboat traffic.

I am, Sir,

Yours respectfully

E. Brooks


To build a Pier and run it for tourist purposes – such as P

paddlesteamer passenger trips- required an Act of Parliament. The application by the Clevedon Pier Company is an interesting read and hopefully when Lockdown 3 is over the digitised versions of these precious documents will soon be made available for public consumption.